Root Canal

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Root Canal

Decay or trauma can cause an infection in the root canal space of a tooth which can cause symptoms ranging from barely noticeable to severe, and in turn can impact on your general health. A root canal treatment involves removing the diseased or infected material from the spaces or canals within the root and then sealing the space so that bacteria can’t re-enter. This allows us to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. Our dentists use the most up to date techniques utilizing digital radiography, Nickel Titanium instruments, ultra-sonic and laser energy to disinfect the tooth allowing it to return to a health state.

Prevention Is Best

Even with excellent home oral hygiene, you can’t clean your teeth as well as a professional hygienist. By seeing a hygienist regularly, you’ll keep your teeth and gums healthy and help prevent tooth decay.

Love Your Smile

If your teeth are a little worse for wear – broken or weak from acid, too many fillings, or from grinding – it can impact your smile, the way you talk or eat and certainly your confidence.

Your Smile

You only have one set of teeth – keeping them working well and looking good takes careful, ongoing work. Of course, the best cure is prevention.

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