Dental Services

There are many reasons you should replace missing teeth: gaps in teeth can be unsightly, they can form food traps that make further tooth decay and gum disease more likely, the teeth in the opposing jaw opposite the gap can ‘over erupt’ or grow into the space left by the missing tooth, and may even lead to problems with your jaw joints (TMJ dysfunction).

A bridge involves replacing the missing tooth or teeth by attaching a replacement tooth to the adjacent tooth or teeth. The attachment may be a full crown on the adjacent tooth or an adhesively bonded wing and can be made of ceramic or a hybrid of ceramic and metal. Having teeth splinted together in this way can make cleaning more difficult, and whenever possible a dental implant should be considered.

Prevention Is Best

Even with excellent home oral hygiene, you can’t clean your teeth as well as a professional hygienist. By seeing a hygienist regularly, you’ll keep your teeth and gums healthy and help prevent tooth decay.

Love Your Smile

If your teeth are a little worse for wear – broken or weak from acid, too many fillings, or from grinding – it can impact your smile, the way you talk or eat and certainly your confidence.

Your Smile

You only have one set of teeth – keeping them working well and looking good takes careful, ongoing work. Of course, the best cure is prevention.

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